Stretch Marks – Questions And Answers

Facts About Stretch MarksStretch marks need no explanation. Many of us who have them would like to try to remove them or reduce the appearance of them.

What Are Stretch Marks?

They are a type of scar on the skin which tends to be very visible. Those who have light colored skin tend to develop stretch marks that are pinkish in color. For those who have darker skin, the scars tend to be a couple of shades lighter than the skin surface.

Are They A Health Risk?

No. They may be unsightly in some cases but they don’t pose any risk to a person’s health.

Isn’t It Just People Who Are Overweight Who Have Stretch Marks?

Not really. The main reason why you may commonly see these marks on those who are obese or overweight is because the skin has stretched too much. However, you need to keep in mind that even people who look after themselves and are not obese can be affected by these marks.

They can appear because of a change in body shape in circumstances such as pregnancy and also growth through body building.

Is It Just Women Who Are Affected by Stretch Marks?

No, both men and women can have these marks. The main reason why more females have them is mainly because of pregnancy. The growing belly and the changes in hormones which take place in this period are a strong contributing factor.

And many men will also display these marks. These may come about during the puberty period when the body goes through growth spurts and may also appear as a result of weight training.

Losing Weight Will Help Me Lose My Stretch Marks. Is That Right?

In the majority of cases, this is not right. To be honest, losing excess weight may make the marks appear more visible than before. But this should not be an excuse to avoid to losing weight. Being overweight is a health risk and usually have more negative aspects than having the marks alone.

So There Is Nothing That Can Be Done To Help With Stretch Marks?

It is never easy to make them completely disappear but it is possible to minimize them and reduce the appearance of them. There are many treatment options for all budgets which can help them to become a lot less noticeable.

Stretch Mark CreamOne easy option would be to buy a good quality stretch mark cream. The better brands have ingredients which help to boost the natural collagen in the skin, which keeps the skin nice and taut. They will also help to keep the skin hydrated to lessen the appearance and avoid new ones from forming.

At the more expensive end, you can opt for microdermabrasion or laser therapy. These are procedures that maybe a little invasive. You would also need to be sure that the person or company who is carrying out the treatment has good feedback from previous customers. And in the majority of cases, you will normally several sessions before any noticeable results can be seen. Hence the expense.

Would A Person Be Better Off Just Leaving The Stretch Marks As They Are?

That would be the choice of the individual. It is true that these marks are not harmful or a health risk. But for many, they can be a source of personal embarrassment which may lead to lack of self confidence.

And as there are many ways to treat them, it could lead to the person feeling a lot better about themselves.

This site looks at a few ways to handle stretch marks and reviews a few of the better stretch mark creams for sale at the moment.