Know how to stop stretch marks

Stretch marks are the result of constant stretching the elastic fibers of the skin. One sudden tension causes the disruption of the internal layers of the skin, resulting in scars. There is nothing worse than suddenly looking at your skin and discover stretch marks. It is the terror of any woman. The first thought is how they ended up there. The explanation is much easier than you think and has to do with the resistance of the skin. Stretch marks are scars from the destruction of elastic fibers. If there is a stretch caused by different problems, just skin and literally can not take breaks. In addition to an aesthetically ugly appearance, they can burn or itch, but these symptoms are not always present in all people. When they have just burst, stretch marks have a pink or purple aspect, because of the blood that breaks in the region and, after a while, take a more whitish tone. So the rule is as follows. Recent stretch marks are more reddish, while older, whiter. So if you see a red spot like a groove, run to your dermatologist so that it indicates the best treatment, all because this type of scar responds best to treatment when it is at the very beginning. I know the first question you should be asking is why they appear. Unfortunately there are several reasons that can cause stretch marks. Since the change from childhood to adolescence, with the growth of breasts and also further development of the body, to the accordion effect, where there is a large swing weight. Another common period for the appearance of stretch marks is during pregnancy, or when surgery is performed for prostheses settings in the breasts. The consumption of drugs, particularly corticosteroids, can also cause this evil. And there are also people who because of genetics are more prone to stretch marks. So, pay attention to her mother, aunts or other family members have stretch marks. Probably, if they are there is a great propensity for you also have.

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Stretch marks are one of the biggest aesthetic uncomfortable for the woman. They are not harmful to health, however, create some discomfort at the time wear a bathing suit, for example. You know that you can improve them preparing lotions with ingredients found in your own kitchen? Read on to get some tips to soften them and improve their appearance.

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Although genetic factors are predominant in many cases of stretch marks, it is always good to take some preventive care so that your skin does not get that scar. Our top tip is not neglecting the hydration of your body and also your skin, avoiding the extreme dryness and consequent disruption of the fibers. One should also avoid extreme fluctuations in weight, besides taking care of clothes too tight. If you have the habit of smoking, stop immediately since smoking helps to borrow more stretch marks. Also do regular exercise and do not neglect their diet, which should include lots of fruits, vegetables and foods containing antioxidants.


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